Current projects

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More democracy in Europe

The project “Real Civil Society Democracy in Europe” is a joint European project managed by FIC.

The project aims to provide civil society organizations in the EU countries with systematic rights of consultation and dialogue with governments and parliaments in EU policy.

In addition this project will provide similar rights for European organizations to be heard before the European Parliament, the European Commission and the European Council. The project is supported by the EU in the  ‘Europe for Citizens’ program.

The project includes Ideas from Ireland: CGIL from Italy; La Ligue from France; CSV from UK and SOLIDAR as partners.

The project is supported by: The EU-program Europe for Citizens – For a democratic europe

Use following link for more information on the project: Europe for Citizens – For a democratic europe

Europeans’ recognition of the non-formal competences

Many Europeans have a strong need for improving their skills to keep or get a job. Therefore the EU focus on how skills gained from everyday life and working life can be counted and valued – the so-called prior learning.

FIC is a partner in the European project – Building Learning Societies – which aims to create a space for less formal learning to improve career prospects for adults.

The project for example works towards introducing volunteer work as a place of learning that can inspire further education or training

The project is carried out in collaboration with: BFI from Austria; Institute for Social Integration from Bulgaria; La Ligue from France; CEMEA from France; IME GSEVEE from Greece; Liga Española de la Educacion from Spain; ABF from Sweden; WEA from UK; GFTU from UK; SOLIDAR; EUCIS-LLL.

The project is supported by: The European Commission’s Life Long Learning program.

WOW – World of Work

WOW is a European youth project in which young people can actively involve in developing better employment opportunities and employment for young people in Europe.

FIC is the leader of the project and we collaborate with youth departments of IDEAS in Ireland; IDC in Serbia, Filcams – CGIL in Italy and SOLIDAR. Young people from the four countries and SOLIDAR will meet and carry out various activities about young people’s opportunities in the labour market and how to be heard and create influence on a work place. The activities will take place in the four countries and in June 2015 there will be a major joint youth seminar in Copenhagen.

The project is supported by: EU program Erasmus+