East Africa

– We work not just to create jobs – but we are working to create decent jobs with decent and fair working conditions and rights of workers in Kenya and Tanzania –

– FIC’s work in East Africa will improve working conditions and increase employment opportunities for young people in Kenya and Tanzania under the program ”Decent work and labour rights in East Africa”- 

Though support of local NGO’s in East Africa FIC’s work will improve working conditions and increase employment opportunities for young people in Kenya and Tanzania under the program ”Decent work and labour rights in East Africa”

Globally, nearly 200 million people is without work and the numbers are rising after the international economic crisis.

It affects particularly the younger generation, which globally are three times as likely to be unemployment as adults. In the young generatio
n, one in four is unemployed and the majority of those who have a job, is employed in the informal market without contracts, poor pay, precarization and poor or outright dangerous working conditions.

– Information in Denmark on the importance of working conditions in developing countries is of big importance to FIC – 

A program application for CISU (Civil Society in Development) was in December 2013 approved for the period 2014 – 2017 – and now Phase 2 of the Program is approve for 2017 – 2020.

The independent Evalution Report you can read here.
More information – carsten.andersen@fic.dk

In the program the focus of FIC is to create better job opportunities for young people and ensure decent working conditions and workers’ rights in East Africa. Several of FIC’s previous projects in the region will continue under the new program.

The program was granted funding from CISU in December 2013 and Phase 2 (2017 – 2020) consists of two parts.

  • Strengthen the capacity of trade unions in Kenya and Tanzania to negotiate and create awareness of workers’ rights and compliance with labor regulations. The goal is here to contribute to improve working conditions.
  • Strengthen the capacity of the youth organizations FIC collaborate with in Kenya and Tanzania. The goal is here to build capacity to generate increased and improved job opportunities as a way to contribute to the creation of better conditions for establishment of new sustainable businesses and greater success for young people in their job search.

The first objective of the program is to work on increasing trade unions’ capacity to organize members and ensure that members get better working conditions. This will give trade union members greater job security, better salary and working conditions and better safety conditions in the workplace.

The second objective of the program works to strengthen youth organizations’ capacity to create more and better job opportunities. FIC therefore contribute to improve opportunities for young people to establish their own businesses and strengthen them in their job search. The program is aimed at young people through information and knowledge about labour market condition and education in entrepreneurship on how to establish companies and lead the business forward.

Through capacity building of professional organizations FIC works to ensure that organizations have efficient, transparent and democratic structures.